Through the Extraordinary Settlement Procedures, are established the procedures to be followed by CCV to eliminate the failed obligations  with the Liquidator Agents that have fulfilled their obligations, as well as actions taken by the CCV when one of the agents keep Failed Obligations with it.


These procedures are:

Securities Lending:
The CCV  is actively participating in this market to get the titles that were not delivered by defaulting agents in order to contain the failed obligation.


Cash Extraordinary Settlement: This is the last alternative that takes the CCV with the agents concerned for the settlement of failed obligations when all the regulatory measures have been consumed and the obligation could not be extinguished.

Buy in and Sell Out (pending): Through this mechanism, the CCV can get titles related to a failed obligation through a purchase instruction with an intermediary in the Mexican Stock Exchange.


Cash Agreement: This is a resource that agents have the obligation to extinguish the failed obligations with the CCV, subject to the circumstances described in the regulation, manual and other rules of Risk Committee.




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