The Disciplinary Committee is an internal committee required by the Securities Market Law whose members are appointed by the Board of Directors and such designations shall select persons skilled in the art as well as extensive experience in the industry will be subject to the rules of integration and operation issued by the Board of Directors and will have the following powers:


I. Knowing cases of violations of the measures aimed at ensuring compliance with the obligations arising from transactions in which it acts as a reciprocal creditor and debtor, the rules on operational and prudential norms, submitted by the Audit Committee and / or the CEO of the Society, conducting investigations and hearings if it is necessary, as well as to handle the procedures established for the purpose in the internal regulation of the Company;


II. Implement corrective and disciplinary action for breaking the rules cited in the previous paragraph, as that purpose is established in the internal regulation of the Company for violations of the rules outlined in the previous section, notifying the Board of Managers for their knowledge, and;


III. Those powers expressly reserved to that body in the internal regulation of the Company.



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